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Concept Testing Best Practices

Concept Testing is the process of using surveys, interviews, or other means to test consumer acceptance of a new product idea prior to introducing a new product to the market.

More about Concept Testing

Description of Concept Testing

Concept Testing is usually used to test out new product ideas but can also be used to test an advertising idea. A concept test involves presenting an idea to customers to obtain feedback. The approach can be qualitative and involve interviews or focus groups to gain new insights into value propositions, optimal features, or competitive differentiation. When conducting quantitative surveys, a Concept Test often asks questions such as purchase intent for the specific product and results can be compared to purchasing norms. By doing this, you learn whether your concept has the potential to become a viable product. If the Concept Testing is done well, it may also reveal volume estimates and help define which type of consumer liked the product best, leading to valuable insight around customer segmentation. It is important that the testing questionnaires are high in quality, otherwise results from data gathered during the surveys may be biased by measurement error.

Praxie's Online Concept Testing Tools & Templates

Specific tools used in Concept Testing typically include focus groups, interviews, and surveys. Praxie’s online Concept Testing collaboration tools allow any team or organization to instantly begin working with our web templates and input forms to define their ideal concept testing approach. Get started with our Concept Testing template. 

How to use it:

  1. First enter your concept name. 
  2. Then, complete the template accordingly to determine what to test, who to test it with, and how to best test your ideas.  
  3. Be sure to create questions that get at the heart of your assumptions underlying the concept. 
  4. Create your action plan focused on testing, validating, refining and then implementing your concepts. 

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