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Context Canvas Best Practices

A Context Canvas is used to develop a deep sense of the environment in which a product or service is being created. Specifically, this tool can be used to guide thinking about what is happening in the organization and the broader world that might affect the business in the future. A Context Canvas should be revisited several times to be used effectively, as evidence of trends is gathered or new trends are discovered.

More about Context Canvas

Description of Context Canvas

The Context Canvas includes seven dimensions:

  1. Demographic trends: Consider changes in the education, employment, population, gender etc. of the markets and countries where the business operates.
  2. Rules and regulations: List any rules or regulations that might affect the organization in the near or distant future. Here, it would be helpful to track what advisory bodies or lobbyists are campaigning for.
  3. Economy and environment: Write any economic trend changes that have happened or are happening as well as any global changes that might have an impact on the markets in which the organization operates.
  4. Competition: Consider if there are any new or emerging competing organizations that are entering the market.
  5. Technology trends: Brainstorm any new technologies that are emerging and how they might impact the business.
  6. Customer needs: Contemplate what customers might need in their products and services and how that might change in the future. Consider any changes in trends or new products or services that are becoming more commonplace.
  7. Uncertainties: Identify any fundamental unknowns or disruptions that could have the potential to have a large impact on the business, even if the manner in which this occurs is not yet clear.

Praxie's Online Context Canvas Tools & Templates

Praxie’s online Context Canvas tools allow any team or organization to instantly begin working with our web templates and input forms. Get started with our Context Map Canvas template. 

How to use it:

  1. Review the categories in the context map.  
  2. Enter information based on the data you have available.  
  3. Keep this map as a living document and update it periodically based on changes in the external environment. 
  4. Create your action plan focused on testing, validating, refining and then implementing your strategy based on the environment from your Context Map Canvas. 

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