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SCAMPER Best Practices

SCAMPER is an acronym that is used to help prompt creative ideas for improving existing products or services or creating new innovations. The letters in SCAMPER stand for substitute, combine, adapt, modify, put to another use, eliminate, and reverse. Each letter is associated with a string of questions that can be asked about existing products to discover methods of improvement or entirely new opportunities.

More about SCAMPER

Description of SCAMPER

As an innovation model and process tool, SCAMPER can be used to generate ideas for improving existing offerings or business processes, or innovating completely new products and services. Whatever its purpose, your innovation team should brainstorm a list of as many answers to the questions as possible and determine, which, if any of them are a feasible solution that can be used either to refine existing products or services or fabricate new ones. The best ideas should then be further developed.


In order to properly utilize the SCAMPER strategy, your innovation team should consider the following ideas when thinking about how to improve current products or services or create new ones.


Substitute – Decide if there are different materials or resources that can be used as a replacement when making the product, if the current product be completely substituted by something else, if there are any instructions or rules for using the product that can be replaced or changed, what other products or services could be used instead of the one offered by the organization and what would happen to the product if the attitudes held by consumers toward the product were to change.


Combine – Determine if the product can be combined with another, what resources could be added to the product, what current talent should be put together to develop a different perspective on the product or service.


Adapt – Decide if the product can be adjusted to serve a different function, if there are other products or services on the market that are similar to what is being offered, what would happen if the product was used in another set of circumstances, or how common product or services can be modified.


Modify – Establish if there are any modifications that can be made regarding the physical appearance of current products or services, if there are any features that could be added to improve the function of the product or features that should be more heavily emphasized or reinforced.


Put to Another Use – Verify if there are other industries or markets in which the product would obtain a better reception or if there are other clients who would be interested in the product, if the product would function better or worse in a different context or if the materials being used to create current products or services could be made into something different.


Eliminate – Determine what features of current products or services can be removed or phased out, what can be deemphasized, how the product can be more efficient, smaller, easier to transport or use, and what could potentially take the place of the product if it did not exist.


Reverse – Consider what would happen if the organization changed the roles of two individuals on the innovation team, if any of the features of the product could be reordered or if the team tried a completely opposite strategy to what is normally done when developing a product or service.

Praxie's Online SCAMPER Tools & Templates

Unlike most traditional SCAMPER innovation techniques, Praxie’s online SCAMPER collaboration tools allow any team or organization to instantly begin working with our web templates and input forms.

SCAMPER is typically thought to be an independent tool that supports innovation and product development and planning. To generate ideas related to the SCAMPER framework, it’s useful to provide the team with the definitions of SCAMPER and collect ideas using brainstorming tools or software. Get started with our SCAMPER template. 

How to use it:

  1. Select a topic or issue and then use the SCAMPER elements as a stimulus to generate ideas.  
  2. Move through each letter and enter your ideas and thoughts based on the related questions. 
  3. Create an action plan to support your SCAMPER process.  
  4. Create additional actions focused on implementing the specific ideas generated from the SCAMPER model. 

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