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Teece’s Win-Lose Innovation Model Best Practices

Teece’s Win-Lose Innovation Model describes the steps that organizations can take to ensure that they actually profit from their innovative products and services before competition replicates the product and pulls ahead in bottom-line performance. This model focuses on how an organization can obtain the proper legal protection to prevent this scenario from occurring. The central premise of this model is that for organizations to contribute meaningful innovations to the market, they need a strategy that protects them from businesses that look to steal the ideas of others.

More about Teece’s Win-Lose Innovation Model

Description of Teece’s Win-Lose Innovation Model

Teece’s Win-Lose Innovation Model offers advice in three areas: protecting ideas, responding to the market, and reaching scale as soon as possible

  • Protect Your Ideas: In order to enable your organization, instead of your competition, to actually turn a profit on a cutting-edge innovation, the organization must obtain proper legal protection from imitation. Careful thought should be given to what is the most appropriate but comprehensive coverage that can be obtained for the particular product your company is developing. It is also important to consider the state and local laws where your organization is located. Although costly, seeking the services of an attorney should be viewed as a meaningful investment in the product or service being developed.
  • Respond to the Market: As soon as the product or service is officially put on the market, competing organizations will follow suit, especially if they see a lot of buy-in from customers. These organizations will create products that improve upon the weaknesses or deficiencies in the product your organization has created. Therefore, it is important to monitor the competition, as well as consumer trends, as the product becomes more mainstream. This will help your organization remain ahead of the competition by producing follow-up products that improve upon its ideas and are even more desirable to customers.
  • Reaching Scale As Soon As Possible: As the new product gains traction in the market, it is possible that the organization will not be able to keep up with the demand for it. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the organization has the resources or has developed the proper connections to ensure a steady stream of supplies to mass-produce the product or service. If the organization cannot catch up to the demand quickly, it will be overtaken by competition. Having the resources in place within the organization is ideal to ensure maximal control over the speed of production, but if it is more appropriate to develop external ties, the company will have more man-power to produce the product quickly.

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Concept Testing and Rapid Prototyping can both be used to provide insights and support when developing innovative products and protecting them using Teece’s Win-Lose Innovation Model. Get started with our Teece’s Win-Lose Innovation Model template. 

How to use it:

  1. List the benefits (win) and risks (lose) of being an innovator or a follower in your market. 
  2. Identify specific implications and strategies for address the trade-offs that you see. 
  3. Based on your content, enter your action plan to ensure you most effectively manage your innovation strategy. 

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