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A Value Proposition Canvas is used to ensure that the product or service being created is centered around customer wants and needs. Specifically, this tool outlines what the customer expects to gain from the product or service, any negative experiences they may have as a consequence of using the product or service and the tasks they hope to accomplish with the product or service. Features listed in each portion of the segment can be arranged from desirable to essential. The Value Proposition Canvas is useful for refining a new product or service innovation to make sure it is well received on the market. A solution is a good fit for the market when its features align with what the customer needs from the product or service.

More about Value Proposition Canvas

Description of Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas is usually shown as a diagram with two separate sections for information.

The right side of the canvas describes the customer profile, listing customer tasks and expectations about the product or service. Additionally, this is where both the benefits and consequences of using the product or service are listed. The point of this side of the Value Proposition Canvas is not to read consumer minds, but rather to understand why they want to complete certain jobs and to think about how to minimize negative experiences and how to exceed expectations.

The left side of the canvas describes the product itself. Here, the pain relievers and gain creators are listed, which respectively describe how the proposed product or service fulfills customer needs and helps facilitate the jobs they need to finish as well as describe the added value that is offered to the customer. Additionally, the various features of different versions of the product can be listed in this segment of the canvas.

Praxie's Online Value Proposition Canvas Tools & Templates

Unlike most traditional Value Proposition Canvas processes, Praxie’s online Value Proposition Canvas tools allow any team or organization to instantly begin working with our web templates and input forms.

The Value Proposition Canvas is often developed using a template, typically a poster or PDF. The canvas can also be created and shared in presentations, spreadsheets, and other strategic documents. Get started with our Value Proposition Canvas template. 

How to use it:

  1. Insert your gain creators and pains. 
  2. List your products & services as well as your customer jobs. 
  3. Enter your pain relievers and gains. 
  4. Evaluate your template and create an action list. 

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