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Takt Time Calculator Best Practices

Takt is a German word which refers to the orchestra conductor’s baton and is used to regulate tempo in a musical piece. In Six Sigma, Takt Time refers to the available time for production divided by the required units of production during the same period. Time available for production includes the total number of hours that employees work on production minus any breaks or meetings. Takt Time is the sell rate, or the number of products that must be produced every hour in order to meet demand.

More about Takt Time Calculator

Description of Takt Time Calculator

Takt Time is the time available for productive work in a certain time period divided by the number of products required per day. The Takt Time Calculator allows business leaders or managers to input the amount of time that is available for productive work per day and divide that by the number of products required each day. The output from the calculator provides the amount of time needed in productive time to meet the production demands – the Takt Time.

Praxie's Online Takt Time Calculator Tools & Templates

The tools and resources that leaders use to make the most of the Takt Time Calculator template are production time metrics and production unit requirements. Takt is used by companies to determine the correct speeds of equipment and machinery, and to identify the minimal batches needed during changeovers. Takt helps teams recognize when there is a threat to delivering output on schedule, so that they can quickly take corrective action.  If extra time is available or if production is lagging, the team can work to rebalance the production stages. Implementing Takt Time helps to stabilizes the system by reducing over-production and preventing inventory buildups. 

Using the Takt Time Calculator, companies can deliver the right quantity of products to their customers on schedule, while reducing wasted time, manpower, and resources. Implementing Takt Time is most appropriate when the workflow in a company is repetitive and customer demand is predictable. Get started with our Takt Time Calculator template. 

How to use it: 

  1. Enter the number of shifts per day. 
  2. Enter the number of hours per shift. 
  3. Enter the total number of hours of non-productive time per day, including time for meetings, breaks, lunch, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, machine startups, clean-up, and breakdown. 
  4. Enter the number of production units required by customers per day. 
  5. When you have completed the data entry, the Calculator will calculate the Net Available Time per day in seconds, and then calculate the seconds of Takt Time available for production of each required unit. 

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