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Project Portfolio Timeline Best Practices

A Project Portfolio Timeline is a tool that can be used to visually plan a series of projects at the same time and provide a broad overview of all the projects happening in an organization at any given time. The Project Portfolio Timeline can be used to determine which projects are on the same timetable as others, whether there are any time delays in the projects and to help teams meet deadlines and project milestones.

More about Project Portfolio Timeline

Description of Project Portfolio Timeline

A Project Portfolio Timeline can be used to develop schedules for certain teams for a particular project. Not only are these timelines useful for those directly involved with the project, they can be used as presentation tools when sharing the project timeline with other relevant stakeholders or customers.

A Project Portfolio Timeline allows a team to visually see three things:

  1. How much time any given project is projected to take and/or how much time has been allotted for project completion.
  2. How long a particular project is actually taking to complete.
  3. The length of time a project is expected to take to complete based on the amount of effort being put into it.


A Project Portfolio Timeline serves many purposes, including but not limited to:

Portfolio management, project development, and road mapping: Generally, these three functions all aim to demonstrate how individual projects connect to one another. A Project Portfolio Timeline is used in this situation to compare and contrast planned and actual project completion dates, and discrepancies between completed tasks and those that have not been done.

Team scheduling and progress checks as well as test runs: By collecting data on individual team members’ availability, a Project Portfolio Timeline can be useful for coordinating many different schedules to ensure timely completion of projects and avoid missed deadlines. Further, the timeline can be used to hold individuals accountable for making acceptable progress on their projects.

Viewing individual team member contributions as well as team member availability: A Project Portfolio Timeline will be useful for these activities because it allows for a visual representation of which team is assigned to a particular project, an identification of any conflicting personalities that might be working together, how long a team needs to work on a task and what percentage of their total working hours need to be dedicated to the task.

Praxie's Online Project Portfolio Timeline Tools & Templates

Creating a Project Portfolio Timeline can be done with the help of portfolio management or an adapted version of process mapping that is geared more toward creating a roadmap for a particular project rather than specifically being applied to change management. Get started with our Project Portfolio Timeline template. 

How to use it: 

  1. Review the template and insert your program’s basic information. 
  2. List your project title and subsequent tasks. 
  3. Complete the rest of the template accordingly. 
  4. Periodically review the progress made based on the timeline. 
  5. Create an action plan for improvements. 

Unlike most traditional Project Portfolio Timeline techniques, Praxie’s online Project Portfolio Timeline collaboration tools allow any team or organization to instantly begin working with our web templates and input forms. Our digital platform goes far beyond other software tools by including progress dashboards, data integration from existing documents or other SaaS software, elegant intuitive designs, and full access on any desktop or mobile device.