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Change Fatigue Best Practices

Change Fatigue happens when the purpose and outcomes of an organizational change are poorly communicated, creating a sense of frustration and exhaustion. This is especially true when the result that is promised doesn’t happen or is severely delayed. Throughout the change management process, employees can become overwhelmed with work and confused about priorities. If there is an ongoing, constant feeling of urgency, employees will tend to burn out since sustaining urgent energy and motivation is difficult over the long-term.

More about Change Fatigue

Description of Change Fatigue

Change Fatigue starts to occurr when the end points and processes aren’t clear.

The best ways to avoid Change Fatigue include:

  • Develop an articulate plan: introduce what the change is going to be and what the intended outcome is.
  • Communicate clearly: Clear communication between management and employees as to what the change entails and what is expected from them creates understanding.
  • Maintain realistic expectations: Explaining in depth what the change is and what is expected from every employee will help everyone get on board.
  • Seek feedback: Reaching out to and receiving feedback from employees will lead to a better picture of how to improve and modify the plan.
  • Be patient: Understand that adapting to change won’t happen at the same speed for everyone. Reaching out and focusing on those that are onboard will help change the attitude of others.

Praxie's Online Change Fatigue Tools & Templates

Unlike most traditional Change Management processes, Praxie’s online Change Fatigue tools allow any team or organization to instantly begin working with our web templates and input forms. Change Fatigue is best avoided by providing frequent communications through various channels and using a platform where everyone involved in the change can obtain information in real-time. Get started with our Change Fatigue template. 

How to use it:

  1. Review each phase of the change fatigue model.  
  2. Describe the change dynamics occurring during each of the phases. 
  3. Write any strategies you can use to address the dynamics of the change process.​ 
  4. Create an action plan based on your assessment and strategies from the change fatigue model. 

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