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Change Management Maturity Model Best Practices

The Change Management Maturity Model describes the level of ability that an organization has to change. The maturity model provides a change management approach that is specifically tailored to the organization’s change capability level. The levels range from 1 (no change capability) to 5 (competency to change). As the levels increase, specific strategies outline how to handle different groups of individuals within the organization who are affected by the change.

More about Change Management Maturity Model

Description of The Change Management Maturity Model

The Change Management Maturity Model consists of five levels:


Level 1: The Absence of the Ability to Change

Organizations at this level do not view change management as an appropriate way to handle the people side of change. Generally, their focus is on project management. Specifically concentrated on more concrete aspects of the project such as financing or scheduling. Change management is really only applied if there are individuals who pose a threat to the successful implementation of the project. In order to move to level 2, consider hiring external change management consultants and use their suggested techniques to aid your team if the project is facing resistance.


Level 2: Isolated Change Management Efforts

Change management occurs in few areas of the organization. What little efforts exist are not consistently applied nor are uniform change management practices used. Often, these programs are implemented without sufficient training. In order to advance to level 3, create awareness of different organizational change management initiatives and engage in research to determine what practices are best. Additionally, it is important to garner support for change management efforts by engaging senior leaders as well as celebrating successful change management initiatives.


Level 3: Many Change Management Efforts

The organization has many change management initiatives that are implemented across the company. Additionally, these programs have more senior leader support and managers receive more training to learn how to implement these initiatives. However, the change management programs still differ between business units and there are no requirements that the programs must meet. In order to progress to the next level, more attention should be focused on ensuring that all projects within the organization have a change management effort attached to them and that the programs are homogenous across departments and projects.


Level 4: Standardized Change Management Initiatives

Common change management programs are implemented on all projects in the organization. Generally, all organizational members should know what change management efforts are and why they are necessary. Further, all change management initiatives should receive full executive support as well as support from other members of the organization. However, it is okay if not all organizational members support change management efforts. In order to move to the next level, a change management department or position should be created.


Level 5: Competency for Change Management

The entire organization has the resources and support to implement successful change management programs. In addition to having complete executive support, organizations at this stage should have change management embedded in their cultural values and change management should be an ordinary part of organizational functioning. Further, organizations should be looking for ways to continuously improve their change management efforts and should offer extensive training for successful implementation.

Praxie's Online Change Management Maturity Model Tools & Templates

Unlike most traditional Change Management Maturity Model techniques, Praxie’s online maturity model collaboration tools allow any team or organization to instantly begin working with our web templates and input forms. The Change Management Maturity Model is often considered a standalone tool to support strategic planning. A SWOT or Gap Analysis can be used to assess the organizations change management efforts to progress to the next level.

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How to use it:

  1. Review each level of the model.  
  2. Highlight the level that corresponds to your organization or project.  
  3. Consider tools, processes, and ways to engage key stakeholders to ensure success of your change effort. 
  4. Create an action plan based on your level of maturity. 

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