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AIM Accelerated Implementation Methodology Best Practices

AIM Accelerated Implementation Methodology is a system used to help organizations get the most out of their change program. The framework includes a mix of organizational theory and practical tools for creating and measuring the success of long-term changes. The purpose of this framework is to create an easy-to-follow process for implementing large and small scale change that is easily translatable to any kind of organization.

More about AIM Accelerated Implementation Methodology

Description of AIM Accelerated Implementation Methodology

The AIM Accelerated Implementation Methodology assists in identifying the barriers to change which include:

1) Differing views on the size of the change

2) Employees who resist change or do not fully understand the reason for it due to poor communication

3) Inadequate leadership during transition periods. Importantly, leaders at all levels of the organization, not strictly top-level executives, need to be fully aware of all facets of the change program so that they can serve as a source of support for employees during this time.

In addition, the AIM Accelerated Implementation Methodology provides tools for evaluating the success of the change so organizational stakeholders are able to see the benefits. These tools provide a gauge of:

1) If the timeline of the change program was consistent with the previously established schedule

2) If the change program stayed on budget

3) If the change program met all new technological goals

4) If the change program resulted in the use of new business strategies

5) If the change program met all of its personnel goals

Praxie's Online AIM Accelerated Implementation Methodology Tools & Templates

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Get started with our AIM Accelerated Implementation methodology template.  

How to use it:

  1. Review model and steps.  
  2. Address the focus questions.  
  3. Create your AIM Accelerated Implementation assessment and strategy. 
  4. Develop an action plan based on your AIM Accelerated Implementation assessment and strategy.  
  5. Create actions to ensure all stakeholders are aligned, have necessary information, and that the right tools and processes are used to support your change initiative.​ 

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