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Communications Plan Best Practices

A Communications Plan outlines the ideas that will be communicated during a change management program. The goal of a communication plan is to clearly delineate the aspects of the change program that need to be shared with key stakeholders.

More about Communications Plan

Description of Communications Plan

Communications Plans are generally composed of the following:

Plan purpose and approach – an overall summary that details the steps to be taken to implement the plan (e.g., team meetings). In this section, change makers should also include their thoughts on why the communication plan exists. This is to ensure that they understand the importance of keeping all stakeholders in the change program informed of the status.

Communication goals and objectives – In this section, change makers should outline the goals to be accomplished through communicating. Generally, these goals involve inculcating knowledge about the change to those affected by it and creating conversations surrounding the change with the hope that those affected by the change will offer their feedback. However, these goals depend on the change program being implemented.

Communication roles – These determine who will be responsible for communicating what information and to whom.

Communication tools and methods – In this section, change holders should delineate what methods of communication will be used. Some examples include: formal or informal meetings, newsletters, web pages, or presentations. It is advisable to use a variety of tools, and critical to choose communication methods that are easily understood.

High level communication messages – This is a more detailed description of the communication messages to be relayed. These descriptions include the subject and purpose of the message, the tool used to communicate it, how often it will be communicated, and to and by whom it will be presented.

Praxie's Online Communications Plan Tools & Templates

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A Communications Development Plan outlines the key messages that will be communicated to specific audiences or stakeholder groups during a change initiative, based on the change impacts they will experience. It identifies the Developer and Approver of each Communications Deliverable, the Vehicle or Channel that will be used for delivery, the start dates for development and delivery, and the status of the deliverable. Get started with our Communications Plan template. 

How to use it:

  1. Review the template and insert your target audience. 
  2. List your key deliverables, messaging, and vehicle/channel. 
  3. Assign a developer and approver.  
  4. Determine frequency, dates, and status on development and delivery. 

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