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People Centered Implementation (PCI) Best Practices

People Centered Implementation, known by the acronym PCI, is a change management strategy which focuses on considering and accommodating the human assets which will be responsible for executing the change.

More about People Centered Implementation (PCI)

Description of People Centered Implementation (PCI)

People Centered Implementation is a response to the accusation that most change management strategies are not people-centered, and people are one of the main agonies associated with changes within an organization. By focusing on the people in an organization who will be responsible for the ultimate success of a change initiative, management can create greater buy-in and ultimately better results. People need to feel that the changes within an organization will be beneficial to them and worth the short-term sacrifices that will be asked of them in order to create better long-term results. In essence, selling them on the positive results of the change.

There are six critical success factors to focus on in order to successfully implement PCI, which are as follows:

  1. Effective Leadership: Employees need to feel confident in their leadership and the veracity of the information they receive from them.
  2. Powerful Engagement Processes: People need to feel a strong tie to the organization and leadership, which can involve rewards, recognition and investments in learning.
  3. Committed Local Sponsors: It is important to have leaders on the local level who can foster strong ties to employees and be role models for them.
  4. Strong Personal Connection: Leadership needs to stress the viability and positive aspects of the change.
  5. Sustained Personal Performance: A strong financial future for employees and the company should be highlighted during the change, as well as the need for tolerance during the developmental learning curve.
  6. Shared Change Purpose: The change should be visible and important to all employees so that each person has a shared vision of what a successful future will look like.


People Centered Implementation bridges the gap between the people and projects in an organization, especially during times of turbulence and change.

Praxie's Online People Centered Implementation (PCI) Tools & Templates

Various types of Employee Surveys and Human Resource documents can be used to provide insights, data and additional support when using the People Centered Implementation (PCI) method. Unlike most traditional People Centered Implementation (PCI) techniques, Praxie’s online PCI tools allow any team or organization to instantly begin working with our web templates and input forms. Get started with our People Centered Implementation (PCI) method template. 

How to use it: 

  1. Review each dimension. 
  2. Enter strategies to drive change for each dimension.  
  3. Create an action plan for addressing the specific strategies you identified. 

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