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Change Management Levers Best Practices

Change Management Levers are a set of change management instruments that, when used in combination, aid in producing successful change. The five levers are: communication plan, sponsorship roadmap, coaching, teaching and resistance management plan.

More about Change Management Levers

Description of Change Management Levers

The goal of any Change Management Levers model is to provide organizations with a comprehensive set of materials that will assist them when implementing a change program. The typical levers include:

Communication Plan – Individualized information needs to be transmitted to each group of individuals who are affected by the change program. This information should be transmitted by the right people at the right time, and should include the reason for the change, the risk associated with remaining stagnant and the benefits to be accrued through the program. This information should be communicated in-person several times until it begins to resonate with the employees.

Sponsorship Roadmap – The orchestrator of the change should be an active participant in the change process and should make themselves accessible to employees to answer any questions. In addition the change sponsor should act as a support system for top-level executives.

Coaching Plan – Details how to involve managers in the change program. Managers should disseminate messages to their employees about how they will be impacted by the change, identify employees who are resisting the change, and provide support and encouragement during the actual implementation of the change.

Training Plan – During training, employees need to be taught the skills necessary to effectively function in a changed work environment.

Resistance Management Plan – Before creating the plan for how to handle resistance to change, it is beneficial to first establish which employees will be most opposed to the change and imagine the ways in which they might demonstrate their resistance. Then, before these displays even arise, think of ways they can be addressed.

Praxie's Online Change Management Levers Model

Unlike most traditional Change Management templates in MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, Praxie’s online Change Management Levers collaboration tools allow any team or organization to instantly begin working with our web templates and input forms. 

Change Management Levers are often developed as plans and then communicated in presentations, spreadsheets, and other strategic documents. The actual implementation of the levers can take many forms including interviews, surveys, project management templates, and other tools. Get started with our Change Magnitude Levers template. 

How to use it:

  1. Review each lever of the model.  
  2. Describe the approach or strategies you can use to address each lever.  
  3. Consider tools, processes, and ways to engage key stakeholders to ensure alignment and sponsorship for each lever. 

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