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Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Change Delta Best Practices

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Change Delta is a change management approach that directs organizations to invest the majority of their resources into the most important aspects of the change, which are executional certainty, sponsorship, governance and program management office (PMO), enabled leaders, and an engaged organization. These elements do not function independently, but rather depend on each other in order to implement successful and long-lasting change.

More about Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Change Delta

Description of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Change Delta

By focusing on the four elements in the (BCG) Change Delta, the variability of the results of the change process are minimized. As such, the BCG group calls them the “success factors” because they standardize the elements of successful change.

  1. Executional certainty: The detailed plan for the change process. This document should outline all of the tasks that need to occur to implement the change, as well as the individual(s) responsible for each task. Additionally, this document should indicate how each person will be held accountable to ensure that their task(s) is completed promptly. Tasks should be assigned in the order of importance, the number of resources needed, and the amount of time task completion is expected to take. Tasks should also be assessed for the level of risk that each poses to the success of the change initiative. In this way, senior leadership will be able to make any necessary adjustments to the change plan and are aware of where their time and attention is most warranted.
  2. Enabled leaders: This element involves having several candid discussions among all levels of management to ensure an understanding of the necessity of the change, as well as to answer any questions regarding responsibilities. Management needs to be given enough information and fully adopt the change values in order to disseminate this information to lower-level employees to ensure maximal buy-in for the change program. Additionally, leaders must monitor the progress of the initiative to make sure that each employee continues to strive toward the desired goals without retreating back to customary habits or outdated procedures.
  3. Engaged Organization: The entire organization must be fully engaged in the change effort. In order to obtain the most support for the change, every employee must be aware of their role in the change process and should be made aware of what aspect(s) of their jobs will be affected. While there might be some individual cases, a systematic procedure should be in place for disseminating this information across the organization. The absence of a clear system opens the floor for discussion, which could potentially minimize support for the change program.
  4. Governance and PMO: The PMO defines the plan to monitor the change effort. Specifically, there should be scheduled times to provide updates on task progress, as well as for any problems that are encountered throughout the progress. The PMO also works with the leadership team to establish a reasonable timeline for the change effort and embed the new language and systems into the daily life of the company. It is also responsible for ensuring that the established timeline is being followed.

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