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Marketing - Best Practice Tools & Templates

7-C Compass Model Online Template

7 Cs Compass Model

7 Cs Compass Model is a template that can be used to explain the reason an organization is experiencing success or failure in the market. In contrast to other marketing models, the 7 Cs Compass Model considers both the marketing strategies as well as the segment to which the strategies are being targeted. The seven Cs are Corporation, Commodity, Cost, Communication, Channel, Consumer and Circumstances.Learn More »
AIDA(R) Marketing Model Online Template

AIDA Marketing Model

The AIDA Marketing Model is a widely used framework to explain the cognitive steps a customer takes when determining whether or not to purchase a product, and the steps an organization needs to take to navigate the customer towards purchasing the product or service being offered.Learn More »
BCG Matrix Online Template

BCG Matrix

The BCG Matrix is a tool used by organizations to assess the value of the products that they offer in terms of their growth (i.e., how desirable the product on the market will be) and market share (i.e., competitive advantage). Using the model, an organization can determine which products are a worthwhile investment of company money and employee time and effort.Learn More »
Brand Identity Prism

Brand Identity Prism

The Brand Identity Prism, developed by Jean-Noel Kapferer, is a framework for defining a company’s brand identity that includes six elements: physique, personality, culture, relationship, reflection, and self-image. Expressing the brand consistently across all six elements creates brand coherence, which strengthens the connection between the brand and the consumer.Learn More »
Brand Pyramid Online Template

Brand Pyramid

Brand Pyramid is a diagram that shows the five cumulative stages consumers go through with a brand, starting with presence, and then moving on to relevance, performance, advantage, and bonding. Shown as an inverted pyramid, the higher one goes, the greater brand loyalty he or she demonstrates, and the greater revenue potential there is for the company.Learn More »
Closed Loop Customer Feedback Online Template

Closed Loop Customer Feedback

Closed Loop Customer Feedback is a systematic practice of promptly responding to customer needs and sharing the customer’s feedback with appropriate stakeholders in order to identify and make improvements to the customer experience and organizational performance.

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Content Marketing Online Template

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a widely used, targeted marketing strategy that is created with the intention of formulating and continuously circulating unique content about a product or service that is pertinent to the customer. By emphasizing information that is truly important to the customer, content marketing is believed to increase the amount of profits attained from a good or service.

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Content Marketing Metrics

Content Marketing Metrics describe the measures used to assess how well certain marketing strategies are performing.

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Customer Experience Maturity Model Online Template

Customer Experience Maturity Model

The Customer Experience Maturity Model describes a process that organizations can go through to better center their business on the needs of their customers. The experience maturity model provides guidance on how to align all of the organization’s employees, procedures and technologies toward providing the best experience and products to customers.

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Marketing Department Metrics Dashboard

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system for making and maintaining close relationships with customers. This system allows the company to keep track of a customer’s prior history with the organization, the status of any current orders as well as incomplete service issues.

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Customer Journey Mapping Online Template

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is the process of illustrating a customer’s experience with your company or a product, from the very first touch point to becoming a loyal customer. Customer Journey Maps are based on a particular customer persona, with a defined set of attributes, motivations, and emotions.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing refers to any means of marketing a product or service using an electronic device or the internet. For instance, Digital Marketing can refer to the use of search engines, social media or e-mail campaigns to connect with current and potential clients.

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Environmental Scanning Online Template

Environmental Scanning

Environmental Scanning is the systematic process of collecting quantitative and qualitative data on the current state of an organization’s market environment, including technology trends, customer needs, political shifts, economic variables, and environmental issues.

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Ethnographic Research Online Template

Ethnographic Research

Ethnographic Research, a qualitative research method, is the practice of discovering and describing the culture of a group through observation, interviewing, and making inferences based on what the ethnographer perceives. Elements of Ethnographic Research design are frequently used in organizations for understanding customer behavior and assessing organizational effectiveness and culture.

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Four P_s Online Template

Four P’s Marketing Mix Model

The Four P’s Marketing Mix Model describes the four elements (Product, Price, Promotion and Place) that best capture the distinctive selling points of the product or service that the organization is offering. These elements can then be used to develop a marketing strategy for the product or service that best fits the needs of your clients.

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Market Sizing Online Template

Market Sizing

Market Sizing is the process of estimating the size of a market and evaluating market trends to enable a company to make sound strategic decisions about its product investments and accurately predict growth targets.

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Net Promoter Score Online Template

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measure of your customers’ willingness to recommend your company’s products and services to a friend or colleague, and is a reliable and widely used indicator of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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Customer Persona Online Template


Persona is marketing tool used to project and illustrate, in graphic form, an individual’s lifestyle habits, preferences, motivations, demographic background, and other key personality traits that are based on customer research and are intended to represent a broader customer segment of great importance to the company.

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Market Positioning Online Template


Positioning is the process and strategy used to differentiate a company’s brand, products, and services from its competitors and ensure consumers perceive them that way. It involves the methodical identification, effective communication, and influence on consumer perception of a brand’s unique identity and place in the market.

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Segmentation Online Template

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation is the process of dividing a market into specific customer segments or groups that are defined around a common yet distinguishable set of characteristics, and helps marketers isolate which target customers will be positively influenced by a potential marketing or promotional strategy.

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STP Model Online Template

Segmentation Targeting and Positioning (STP) Model

The Segmentation Targeting and Positioning (STP) Model is a marketing framework that can be used to prioritize the potential new markets to which your products or services can be advertised.

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Trend Mapping Online Template

Trend Mapping

Trend Mapping is the process of graphically illustrating the key trends affecting the market in which a business operates. A Trend Map is a tool designed to help individuals increase their knowledge of the relevant context, external developments, and changes over time relevant to the market and the business’ products and services in that market.

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Value Proposition Online Template

Value Proposition

Value Proposition is a strategic statement that defines the customer segments a company intends to target, the customer needs it intends to serve, and how it will do so competitively and profitably.

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